New Jerusalem: The Greatest Answer to the Greatest Question

If you are a thoughtful person, you may ask why God created man, saved man, and chose and predestinated man. If you are thoughtful, you also have to think about why God is Triune, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Why does man have a body, a soul, and a spirit? What is the purpose and what will be the ultimate consummation of all these things? In principle, we have to realize that our God is a God of purpose. He is not a God of meaninglessness, but He is quite thoughtful and purposeful. We need to see and realize what the ultimate consummation of His purpose is, not only in the universe but especially in man. The answer to all these questions is at the end of the Bible, and the answer is the New Jerusalem….

The New Jerusalem is also the ultimate consummation of God’s purpose in man. God became incarnate to redeem us, and He became a life-giving Spirit to enter into us, to saturate us, to soak us, for His ultimate purpose in man. We must go along with His saturation so that He could fulfill His purpose in the creation of man.

It would be good if we could be transformed forever by one great saturation of the Spirit. However, God does it in the way of life, and He will have it consummated in the New Jerusalem. Our salvation, our spiritual experiences, and our transformation will consummate in the New Jerusalem….

Without the New Jerusalem there is no answer to any question in this universe. Once you see the New Jerusalem, you have the answer to every question. Why did God create man, redeem man, transform man, perfect man, and glorify man? For the New Jerusalem. God wants Himself to consummate in the New Jerusalem and He wants you to be with Him in this consummation. This is the answer. The New Jerusalem is the answer. It is the ultimate consummation of God’s purpose in man.

Excerpts from God’s New Testament Economy, Chapter 26 (W. Lee, LSM) 

Now the greatest question in the universe has been answered by the Scripture; it is the New Jerusalem, our consummation, every believer’s destiny. 

So do not be discouraged by any kind of situation today. We need to see this. Set the New Jerusalem as our hope. Hallelujah! Whatever we do in the church, any kind of services…preaching the gospel, teaching the divine truths, having the proper way of meeting. All these things are for the New Jerusalem and will consummate in the New Jerusalem. Praise the Lord! 

I’m so blessed that I’m in the Lord’s recovery. I’m freed from and not blinded by religion. The ministry of the age opened my eyes. Today’s ministry caused me to really give myself to the Lord and love Him. By this way, the Lord has a way to carry out what is in His heart today, God’s economy. This economy, what He is doing today, eventually, again, will consummate in the New Jerusalem. Amen! 

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Seven Spirits: Burning, Enlightening, Judging!

The seven Spirits of God burning before God’s throne as a flame of fire are judging the entire world, both the believers and the unbelievers. According to 1 Peter 4:17 this judgment begins from the house of God and will spread to the unbelievers, the entire earth. The seven Spirits are sent forth unto all the earth to judge the earth, to purify the earth, to refine the earth, and to bring forth the pure golden lampstands, shining in this dark age as the testimony of Jesus. The seven Spirits do not burn without a goal. There is an intent, a purpose, for the burning of the seven Spirits, that is, to bring forth the golden lampstands, the churches. If we are shortsighted and do not have the foresight, we will be very much disappointed by today’s world situation. Today’s world is full of darkness, corruption, and immorality. Thank the Lord, however, that His Word is like a lamp shining in a dark place (2 Pet. 1:19), and His Word is as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path (Psa. 119:105). Because we have the foresight, we would not be disappointed. Many Christians and all the people of the world do not know what is going on behind the scenes in today’s world situation. We realize, however, according to His enlightening Word, that the seven Spirits today are burning to judge, to purify, and to refine with a purpose. The burning of the seven Spirits of God before God’s administrative throne has a purpose to bring forth the golden lampstands, the churches, for the fulfillment of God’s New Testament economy.

Excerpt from God’s New Testament Economy, Chapter 23, Witness Lee, LSM

O what a revelation to us with regards to what God has been doing today in this age. May the Lord grant us more mercy to broaden our vision concerning God’s economy. May we come to the Lord more to pray and ask Him to reveal all these things and be applied in our experience. Amen! 

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Footnote! (Hebrews 13:13)

Footnote (Heb. 13:13):

 Outside the camp and within the veil (Hebrews 6:19) are two very striking points in this book. To enter within the veil means to enter into the Holy of Holies, where the Lord is enthroned in glory, and to go outside the camp means to come out of religion, whence the Lord was cast in rejection. This signifies that we must be in our spirit, where experientially the practical Holy of Holies is today, and outside religion, where the practical camp is today. The more we are in our spirit, enjoying the heavenly Christ, the more we will come outside the camp of religion, following the suffering Jesus. Being in our spirit to enjoy the glorified Christ enables us to come outside the camp of religion to follow the rejected Jesus. The more we remain in our spirit to contact the heavenly Christ, who is in glory, the more we will go forth outside the camp of religion unto the lowly Jesus to suffer with Him. By contacting Christ in the heavens and enjoying His glorification, we are energized to take the narrow pathway of the cross on earth and bear the reproach of Jesus. First, this book gives us a clear vision of the heavenly Christ and the heavenly Holy of Holies, and then it shows us how to walk on the earth in the pathway of the cross, i.e., how to go forth unto Jesus outside the camp, outside religion, bearing His reproach. Even Moses, after the children of Israel worshipped the golden calf (Exo. 32), moved to a place outside the camp, where everyone who sought the Lord went to meet with him; for both the Lord’s presence and the Lord’s speaking were there (Exo. 33:7-11). We must go outside the camp that we may enjoy the Lord’s presence and hear His speaking. All these things are necessary for the practical and proper church life.
The Holy of Holies, the pathway of the cross (signified by the going forth unto Jesus outside the camp, bearing His reproach), and the kingdom are three crucial matters set forth in this book. The Holy of Holies with its rich supply enables us to take the narrow, difficult pathway of the cross, and the pathway of the cross ushers us into the kingdom in its manifestation that we may obtain the reward of glory.

*Excerpt from the Recovery Version Bible, LSM

– By turning and remaining to our spirit, we are freed from religion! Go forth unto Him outside the camp, bearing His reproach! Hallelujah! 

The Prodigal “Us” (A Believer’s Typical Situation)

On the third part of Luke 15, the Lord Jesus spoke about the parable of the prodigal son.

We have to know that our situation most of the time is the same as the prodigal son. We often use God, we often pray to Him for our success and benefit, and then after gaining such things that we prayed for, we suddenly walk away. We walk away from Him supposing that we actually don’t need Him. We live as a person who considered himself “independent” at all times. We do things for our own to satisfy ourselves. But in times of hardships and “impossible” times, the famine in our lives, we realize that we cannot. After such realization, a need of return comes into our mind. However, we think that once we return to our Father, we will no longer be accepted, we will no longer be considered as His child. We also think that when we return to Him, we are as good to be at least His hired servants, serving Him outwardly. This is our concept.

Today this concept needs to be dropped off. Our Father doesn’t ask anything in return. When we return to Him, He will just receive us joyously. He only wants us to enjoy in Him. He will give us to wear sandals and the best robe. He will provide us the fattened calf for us to eat and enjoy. Our Father is always celebrating whenever we are in Him! No matter how sinful we are, He will receive us like nothing happened. Do not try to go out again. His presence is perfect for our satisfaction. We should not be foolish. Just remain and abide. We know that as long as we are in the flesh, we will fail. Regardless of our fluctuating love, unstable feelings, and cold heart, we must learn to stay in Him and pray that our love would be rekindled.

This is an encouragement “to go on” to all of us. This is, in fact, my experience everyday. May all of us appreciate our Father’s unconditional love more and more each day.

“Father, thank You for loving us first. Thank You for loving us unconditionally. I return to You. And this return, I pray, would cause me to love You more desperately. Father, grow in me, burn me with Your love. I do not want to remain the same. I do not want to be left behind again. I just want to enjoy in You always…with the saints. Amen!”

The Devil’s Test

In the first part of Luke chapter 4, The Lord was tested by the devil. Satan offered the Lord Jesus the whole world in exchange of worship. He brought the Lord to the wing of the temple and tempted Him. The Lord told the devil, “You shall not test the Lord your God.”

It is the same with us today. The enemy is testing us, offering us many things. He does offer us good things like good grades, successful career, happy family life & social life, meaningful relationships, fun & entertainment. He can even offer us the whole world. However, if we accept these things, we will surely lose one thing, that is, the presence of God. As Christians, we should be afraid of losing God’s presence. If we lose the presence of God, we lose everything. I’m not saying that we have to stop studying, pursuing these things just to do things for God. Of course not! My point is that all the time we must choose the Lord other than many things. Give Him the first place in all things. We can consecrate ourselves to the Lord by giving our education, family life, and many other things to Him. We have to give our all to the Lord. Remember, only in Him and by Him can we reject the offer of the evil tempter.

In my experience, I failed many times and am still failing in this matter. But praise the Lord, His mercy is new everyday! His compassions do not fail! Do not lose heart. Give yourself to love the Lord even more. Though the world may promise us more, we must not forget that we are made to be filled with the Lord. As Luke 4:8 says, “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only shall you serve.” Worship God, choose Him! Amen!

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If God Leads You To Walk A Way That You Do Not Know

If God leads you to walk
A way that you know,
It will not benefit you as much as
If He would lead you to take the way
That you do not know.
This forces you to have
Hundreds and thousands of
Conversations with Him,
Resulting in a journey that is an
Everlasting memorial
Between you and Him.

I was really touched by this song “If God leads you to walk a way” quoted from The Collected Works of Watchman Nee, vol. 7, Issue No. 3. If God leads us to a situation that we are used to, sometimes we become boastful to God. Sometimes we neglect and forget God, and the worst, we ignore God. Thus, there’s no benefit at all. It’s like we’re going our way alone and walking without any destination or goal. However, if God leads us to walk a way that we do not know, it will force us to become closer to Him. It will force us to talk to Him and have conversations with Him, declaring, “Lord Jesus, I need You!” By this way, gradually, our relationship with the Lord becomes personal, sweet, and intimate. We will learn to be “Jesus-dependent persons! The best thing is that we used to cry out and call on the Lord. The moment we come to Him, cry out, and call on Him is the best and sweetest feeling for the Lord. As the time goes by, as we walk with Him everyday, we will learn to tell Him, “Lord, I love You!” This is our cooperation to make Him happy, to make a way to fulfill His desire. This will develop our love story with the Lord, our everlasting memorial with the Lord. Hallelujah!

The Application of the Law of Revival

According to the divine revelation, revival is a law in the spiritual life of a Christian by which we can grow gradually in the Lord. The reason many saints go for a long time without eating, drinking, or sleeping spiritually is that they do not adequately know the law of revival. We need to maintain a disciplined living in our spiritual life.

Every human being knows that our physical life operates according to a law and that man must live according to its law, the law of the physical life. When we live according to this law for a long period of time, these items are developed into our habit and become a discipline. If we live a disciplined life according to this law, we will have a normal growth and be strong. The result of eating, drinking, and sleeping is a revival. Being restored is a revival. Adequate sleep, eating, and drinking issue in a revival. After ending of a revival, we sleep, eat, and drink once more and are revived yet again. As this cycle continues, we are continually revived. The revivals in the physical realm are not once for all. They involve a beginning that is followed by a course and then an ending. After the ending we need another revival.

With regard to our spiritual life, however, we often feel down when we meet and serve, because we do not adequately know the law of revival. This is a serious problem. It is not reasonable for a Christian to be pressed down for years. This situation is not right, but many saints are in this situation because they do not know the law of revival, and do not live a disciplined life. Our spiritual life grows through repeated revivals.

If we know the law of revival, we will contact the Lord as soon as we feel oppressed. When we contact Him, our inner being will rise up and be revived. We would have big revivals and small revivals. We would also have several revivals in one day. A Christian has at least three big revivals: salvationconsecration, and deliverance from living according to his feelings into living by faith. Concerning this deliverance, we have to know that our feelings are inaccurate, we should not depend our feelings. The change of feelings depends on our mood, thus, we should not rely on it but on this faith.  Besides this big revivals, we also have many small revivals in our daily life. In addition to the situations in our outward environment, we also have situations that involve our heart.

In 2 Corinthians 12:10 the apostle Paul said, “I am well pleased in weaknesses…; for when I am weak, then I am powerful.” He also was able to apply the law of revival; hence, he was always being revived. We need to know and apply this law so that we too can regularly experience being revived. The Lord has permitted certain environments to serve as a sign that we need another revival. If we know the law of revival, being revived will be a simple matter. Whenever we feel deadened, weighed down, or oppressed, or when we suffer the attack of our environment, we should draw on the Lord’s great power, and we will be revived immediately.

In the New Testament age Christ is everything to us. Every weakness that we possess enables us to see a particular virtue of Christ. He can meet the need in every weakness. Hence, as Christians, we have no reason to be continually miserable. We should rejoice when we are miserable. Neither do we have any reason to stay weak for a long time; we should be strong when we are weak. Hence, the principle of “when I am weak, then I am powerful” can be applied to all our situations. The Lord is presently leading us to see that the proper spiritual living involves the law of revival, the cycle of revival. The more we are revived, the more we will be fresh, living, strong, open, and mature.

Sometimes we sense a need for revival even though our spiritual life is advancing smoothly. We may sense that we have become old. This is a sign that we need to be renewed and revived. Besides the conditions within us, the Lord has arranged for the discipline of the Holy Spirit to create different situations in our environment to force us to sense the need for a revival. We need to see that it is not merely a matter of handing our problem over to the Lord; rather, it is a matter of experiencing the law of revival in our spiritual life. The more we experience the cycle of revival, the more our element will decrease, and the element of Christ will increase. This is the way for us to grow and be strong.

We should also learn to be open. After being revived and living, we should not be closed. Rather, we should remain open so that there would be a flow between us and the other saints. Just like brother W. Lee’s illustration, we should not be “Dead Seas”, having an inlet without an outlet. We need to let the living water flow out from us into others and receive the living water that flows out from others. Do not make this flow become stagnant.

We need to enliven the saints, but we must first be enlivened before we can enliven others. We have to “overturn” the saints until they are enlivened…we simply need to enliven the saints one by one. Those who take lead must be the first to be living; then they can enliven the other saints.

Our being enlivened depends on our knowing the law of revival and regularly applying this law. Then we can be revived moment by moment, and our condition will always be fresh and living. Hallelujah!

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The Portion that I Enjoyed: Worshipping God with the Christ We Have Experienced

Excerpts from the Ministry (Life-Study of 1 John, Chapter 10)

“The proper place for us to worship God is in our spirit.”

” We should not come to God empty-handed. Whenever we come to Him, we should have something of the Christ we have experienced in our daily living. Do you know what God wants from us in our worship of Him? God wants the Christ we have experienced. His desire is that we worship Him with the Christ we experience day by day.”


In the Old Testament, it is shown that the children of Israel worshipped God with their offerings in the place of God’s choice, Jerusalem. They could not come to worship God empty-handed. The proper worship is not a matter of one’s physical posture before God; that is, it is not a matter of standing, kneeling, or prostrating oneself, but a matter of coming to the right place. Today, whenever we come to worship God, we also need to come to the right place. It is not by going to cathedrals or temples, but by turning to our SPIRIT, this is the right place, the place of God’s choice. Just as John 4:24 says, “God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and reality.”

Now we know the proper “place” in which we can worship God, but what should be the reality of our worship. Before, the children of Israel gave offerings in their worship. But as New Testament believers, we must offer God the Christ whom we have experienced! When we come to a meeting to worship God but without an experience of Christ, God will reject it, it is condemned by Him. Sometimes, we used to prophesy in the meetings with our stock knowledge, using only our mind. That’s why we can sense that our speaking has no impact to the saints, this is the result of having lack of turning to spirit, lack of experience of Christ.

Therefore, we need to experience Christ daily. In every meeting, there should be an experience of Christ to be presented to Him. In every meeting, we have to function for each one has. This will make God happy for it is acceptable to Him. This will build the church! Amen!

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